Morris Impressed with Retention

Morris Impressed with Retention


Morris Impressed with Retention


“Third day, first day in pads.  I am really impressed with the retention level of our players which you would expect.  You would hope that would happen.  The command that Tajh has right now is as good as it has ever been.  You can sense his confidence level.   All of the them are playing with such a high confidence level right now because I am not teaching terminology.  I am teaching technique now which is really going to be great this spring.  That is what we need more than anything right now,” said Morris.

Is it easier for the new offensive linemen that you don’t have to be teaching everybody?

“It is.  This time last year everybody was on the same playing field.  Where now we have some as you would expect that are a little above others because they have been in the system a little bit longer.  Some of these true freshmen that are here right now should be at  the prom.  I love their aggression.  I love their attitude.  They are lost as a goose but it is our job to get them right.  That is ok.  That is what you expected.  They think you go through day one install and you slow down and don’t put day two in for four days later.  You don’t do that.  My idea is to challenge them and push them out of their confidence zone and let them know they have to do stuff above and beyond what we are asking them to do.  They have to get in here and not just them but all of them need to get in here and do some extra studying,” replied Morris.

Is ball security the biggest thing you are working on with Tajh this spring?

“Yeah, that is but that is everyone, every day, every play.  You can’t say it enough.  So yes controlling the game, managing the game, moving the chains with your feet and not putting the ball in jeopardy.  He has done a good job with that point,” replied Morris.



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