Freeman - Slimmer, More Athletic Line

Freeman - Slimmer, More Athletic Line


Freeman - Slimmer, More Athletic Line

By caught up with Dalton Freeman following Saturday’s practice.

How had Tajh looked this spring?

“Tajh did well.  Yesterday we did some blitz pickup.  He was just a natural at that switching it off.  I think Tajh is going to be one of the better ones we have had in a long time,” said Freeman.

Dalton didn’t waste any time getting with his offensive line teammates to help them learn the offense.

“The first day back.  We started classes and we met that day,” said Freeman.

Will Shatley’s experience on the field at defensive tackle help his transition to the offensive line?

“Yes definitely.  Experience is something you can’t coach.  The big thing for Shatley and really all of our younger guys is learning what to do.  When they learn what to do they will be able to go out there and play.  That was really our goal going into the spring.  I wanted everyone to know what to do so that when they got out there they could compete.  If they got out there and didn’t know what to do they wouldn’t be able to get good competitive reps.  It would be a waste of time.  That is why we spent so much time in the classroom,” said Freeman.

The 2012 offensive line may be one of the most athletic lines the Tigers have had in a while.

“Yeah definitely.  We are going to be a lot slimmer than we have been in years past and I think that will be beneficial for us.  I think we are going to see some outside zone stuff and be able to get the corner.  I am going to start pulling some.  It is going to be a lot of fun,” said Freeman.



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