Walker Will Always Be High on Clemson

Walker Will Always Be High on Clemson


Walker Will Always Be High on Clemson


4-star defensive tackle Demarcus Walker hasn’t been on any recent visits, but that will change over the next few months.

“I haven’t been on any visits the last few weeks.  I am going to see Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Florida State and Clemson,” said Walker.

When does the Florida standout plan to be back in Tigertown?

“I am not sure.  I want to get back up there,” replied Walker.

Demarcus continues to build on a strong relationship with coach Jeff Scott.

“I talk with him every week.  He keeps me updated on what is going on.  He keeps that top down bond going,” said Walker.

When asked about his current favorites, Walker responded, “I don’t have any right now.  I am close with some but I want to keep that to myself.  I want to think about what will be the right choice for me”.

The Gators have made a major move with Demarcus but he insists Clemson is still very much in the mix.

“Yeah they have.  I guess I just like the campus at Florida.  I am not big on their depth chart.  I am still evaluating everything but Clemson is still very high and they always will be,” said Walker.

Demarcus still plans to wait until his senior year to make his final decision.

“I will probably make it some time this fall,” said Walker.

As Demarcus continues to check out some of the top programs in the nation, what does he hope to see?

“I just want to find a good program, one with good academics.  I am looking for a good depth chart.  I want a program that can help me get to the next level.  I am looking for a great campus and a good coaching staff,” said Walker.



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