Rogers Planning Spring Visit

Rogers Planning Spring Visit


Rogers Planning Spring Visit


Crest defensive end Dane Rogers plans to make it to Clemson over the next few weeks.

“I am going to go down for the spring game.  I might also go down for a practice,” said Rogers.

The North Carolina standout has been working to rehab his knee from tendinitis so he can compete in some combines this spring.

“I have just been relaxing and working out.  I am trying to get the strength back in my knee.  It is coming along well,” said Rogers.

Is cousin Carlos (Watkins) working hard to get Dane to join him as a Tiger?

“I haven’t talked to Carlos lately.  We go to the same church but he wasn’t there this week,” replied Rogers.

Florida and Clemson are the early favorites for Dane.  What is he hearing from the Gators?

“I haven’t talked to them in a while.  I think it may be because I haven’t taken my visit down there yet.  It is hard to get down there.  I will get down there though,” said Rogers.

A decision isn’t planned until the fall.

“I want to visit as many schools as I can.  I want to see who has the most interest in me.  As far as a final decision I was planning on taking my official visits first.  I want to narrow it down to my top five or three and then take officials there,” said Rogers.

No school is the leader at this time.

“No sir I don’t have a leader.  As far as I know it would be Clemson or Florida.  Those are the ones I have been in contact with the most,” said Rogers.



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