Hanging with Chad - Ready to Help

Hanging with Chad - Ready to Help


Hanging with Chad - Ready to Help


By Chad Kelly.

CLEMSON, SC- Clemson quarterback signee Chad Kelly has agreed to do a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com. In this entry, Kelly discusses the workout regimen Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney has put him on, when he will be returning to Death Valley for a visit, and what his goals are for his freshman season.

Workouts have been going very well so far. I’ve been working out with my teammates, and have already seen some changes in that I’ve gained seven pounds. I have the play book and have been studying it like crazy; I’m very excited to get to Clemson and work out with the team and learn directly from Coach Morris.

I’ll be coming back to Clemson on April 11th, the weekend of the spring game with my best friend, younger brother, dad, and uncle. This will be the first time that my younger brother and best friend have visited Clemson so I can’t wait to show them around.

My personal goal for next season is to do anything I can to help the team. Whether it be acting as the scout team quarterback in practice or pushing Tajh I just want to do anything I can to help the team.

As far as team goals, it’s important that we win the opener and the state championship. Also I’d like to repeat our ACC Championship and go onto the National Championship or a BCS Bowl again like last year.

I’m looking forward to the experience and getting a feel of what playing college football will be like whether it’s in practice or game experience. I’m most looking forward to being with my classmates; I’ve gotten really close to G-Hop (Germone Hopper), Jay Jay McCullough, and Shaq Lawson and have formed a special bond with the entire class. I have also bonded with guys like Brandon Ford and Andre (Ellington) and I can’t wait to get Clemson and continue to get to know them.



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