Gallman Trades Prom for Clemson Visit

Gallman Trades Prom for Clemson Visit


Gallman Trades Prom for Clemson Visit


The high school prom is one of the highlight of the year for many students.  Wayne Gallman, one of the top running backs in the South, will visit Clemson instead of going to his prom as he focused on where he will attend college.

“I am going to Clemson for the spring game on April 14th.  I have the prom that night but I can go to the prom when I am a senior.  Right now my recruiting is more important,” said Gallman.

A number of other visits are in the plans including a visit to the Noles.

“My last visit was to Georgia.  I am going to Florida State on Saturday.  I plan to go to LSU and Alabama, but I am not sure when yet,” said Gallman.

When asked about his favorites, Gallman responded, “Clemson is my number one.  Florida State is number two.  LSU is number three and Alabama is number four.  Wisconsin would be number five.”

The spring and summer visits are critical as the prize recruit works towards a decision.

“I am probably going to do it this summer or at the beginning of my season,” said Gallman.

Clemson and many other top programs would like to sign Gallman and his teammates Robert Nkemdiche and David Kamara.  What are the chances that all three sign with the Tigers?

“I think there is a very high chance we will all play together.  We are still talking about it.  We have been wanting to go to the same school since we started high school,” said Gallman.



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