Venables - Summer Work Key

Venables - Summer Work Key


Venables - Summer Work Key

By caught up with Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables following the Orange White game Saturday.

“I was pleased with our guys effort.  I think really to a man I was pleased with the investment our guys have made.  Their willingness to work, I think overall our  group has made progress in really all areas.  We have a long way to go.  A lot of work  to continue to do, across the board at every position but I can guarantee you we will get there in time because our guys are working.  They want to be good.  We have good leadership.  We have a lot of youth in some positions but I have been pleased where they have risen above their lack of experience and shown that they can play and help us.  Obviously we were missing a few guys out there today.  Stephone and Tavaris, and I know Tony hasn’t practiced at all this spring.  The other two have and they have looked good.  So again if our guys invest in the summer and put in the work that they did this spring over the course of the summer we are going to have an opportunity to be a good football team and defense.  If they don’t we won’t.  So getting our guys to create a standard and create a chemistry will be important as they work together this summer and something that we as coaches have to help foster and develop.  I think I have sensed a very close football team.  We have good leadership starting with Tajh Boyd on our football team.  I think our guys can see if they really work at it and invest in it they are going to see positive results,” said Venables.



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