Pool A - ACC Tourney History

Pool A - ACC Tourney History


Pool A - ACC Tourney History


By Trey McCurry.

Clemson begins play in the ACC Men’s Baseball Tournament on Thursday.  The Tigers will be in the pool with No. 1 seed Florida State, No. 4 seed Virginia and No. 8 seed Georgia Tech.

TheClemsonInsider takes a brief look into the history of each of the teams in Pool A of the 2012 ACC Tournament. Each breakdown has a look at all four teams tournament history, their record in pool play (not including appearances in the championship game) since the format began in 2007, and a look at how each team has compared against the other three teams in the ACC Tournament.

Florida State                        Overall: 43-12        ACC: 24-6

Seed: #1

ACC Tournaments:             21 (including 2012)

All-Time Record:                 63-32

Tournament Titles:             5

Tournaments as #1 Seed:    8 (2002 Tournament Champions)

Record as #1 Seed:            24-14

Record in Pool Play:            9-6

Record in Greensboro:        3-1 (2010 Tournament Champions)

Record vs. Virginia:             7-6

Record vs. Clemson:           11-8

Record vs. Georgia Tech:     6-7


Virginia                                 Overall: 36-16-1    ACC: 18-12

Seed: #4

ACC Tournaments:             39 (including 2012)

All-Time Record:                 49-63

Tournament Titles:             3

Tournaments as #4 Seed:    2

Record as #4 Seed:            2-4

Record in Pool Play:            12-3

Record in Greensboro:        2-1

Record vs. Florida State:      6-7

Record vs. Clemson:           7-10

Record vs. Georgia Tech:     3-6


Clemson                               Overall: 32-24        ACC: 16-14

Seed: #5

ACC Tournaments:             38 (including 2012)

All-Time Record:                 102-60

Tournament Titles:             9

Tournaments as #5 Seed:    1 (1993 Tournament Champions)

Record as #5 Seed:            5-1

Record in Pool Play:            7-8

Record in Greensboro:        1-2

Record vs. Florida State:      8-11

Record vs. Virginia:             10-7

Record vs. Georgia Tech:     16-9


Georgia Tech                       Overall: 32-24        ACC: 12-18

Seed: #8

ACC Tournaments:             33 (including 2012)

All-Time Record:                 68-52

Tournament Titles:             7

Tournaments as #8 Seed:    1

Record as #8 Seed:            1-2

Record in Pool Play:            4-11

Record in Greensboro:        1-2

Record vs. Florida State:      7-6

Record vs. Virginia:             6-3

Record vs. Clemson:           9-16






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