Brady Ready to Give Everything

Brady Ready to Give Everything


Brady Ready to Give Everything

By spoke with Kevin Brady Monday after the Tigers found out they were heading to face their rivals South Carolina.

“We just have to focus on Coastal Carolina first.  We just have to take care of that game first.  It is going to be a good challenge for us and I am excited about it,” said Brady.

Will Kevin be ready to be back on the mound as a starter?

“We haven’t quite figured that out.  Right now I am in relief in the pen so we have three of four great starters so I will just come in when they need me to,” said Brady.

How long can Kevin go out of the pen?

“I am not really sure.  I am just going to go as long as they need me to.  I am just going to give everything.  It is postseason now so I will leave everything on the line.  It is all about the team that is hot now.  You just need a chance to get in,” said Brady.

How excited are you to stay close to home and play two teams you are very familiar with?

“It is going to be great.  They always have a great atmosphere.  There fans are great.  It should be a lot of fun.  We will get a lot of support from the Clemson fans as will Coastal in Columbia.  It is going to be great,” said Brady.

How does this team turn things around after not playing well in the ACC or in the final series?

“Really you just need a shot.  You put all of that behind you and a new season starts right now,” said Brady.



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