North Visiting This Week

North Visiting This Week


North Visiting This Week


Marquez North, one of the top receivers in the South, plans to be back on campus at Clemson later this week.

“Me and my dad are going to Clemson this week.  We are going to go down and watch camp.  I am not sure what day we are going,” said North.

What does Marquez hope to see this week while on campus?

“I don’t really know.  I just want to go down and check it out.  I want to spend some time with the coaches,” replied North.

The Mallard Creek standout would like to see a number of other schools this summer.

“I want to go to Georgia, Ohio State and Florida.  I would also like to get up to Notre Dame,” said North.

Clemson was the early leader for Marquez.  Who are the current leaders?

“Right now I really don’t have a leader.  I want to check out some schools,” said North.

Summer is here for the prize recruit as school finished up last week in Charlotte.

“It feels pretty good right now.  I have just been chilling.  I just left the movies,” said North.



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