Schmidt Officially a Tiger

Schmidt Officially a Tiger


Schmidt Officially a Tiger

By caught up with Clate Schmidt as he moved into Clemson on Sunday.

“I just got done with my physical.  My mom and dad came down to help me move in,” said Schmidt.

How do mom and dad feel about their son moving away?

“It is mixed.  They are more excited about my opportunities but at the same time it is their son leaving home,” said Schmidt.

Who will the top right hander be rooming with this summer?

“I am rooming with Tyler Krieger, Zack Erwin and Maleeke Gibson,” said Schmidt.

Clate can’t wait to hit the field for the Tigers.

“I am really excited.  I kind of have mixed emotions.  I am getting out high school and going out on my own, but I can’t work to work with the guys and be a Tiger,” said Schmidt.

Clate hopes he can help take the Tigers to a new level next season.

“I just want to go out there and do my job.  I want to play to the best of my ability and get us some wins.  I want to leave Clemson a better player and a better person,” said Schmidt.



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