Lawson Playing Waiting Game

Lawson Playing Waiting Game


Lawson Playing Waiting Game


Shaq Lawson is playing the waiting game as he waits for the Clearing House to clear him for enrollment at Clemson.

“I am still waiting.  I am going to find out next week,” said Lawson.

The former Daniel standout is confident he will be enrolling in August.

“I feel good that I will be able to enroll in August.  I should be there on August 2,” said Lawson.

How does it feel to just be waiting?

“I feel like I am in the NFL draft.  I am sitting back in the room waiting and there is nothing I can do,” said Lawson.

Although Shaq is no get enrolled he has spent a good bit of time on campus with his future teammates.

“I have been over there a lot.  I have been running, and getting stronger,” said Lawson.

Shaq and the other freshmen had a strong bond before arriving on campus, but that bond has grown over the summer.

“I am building a good bond with the other freshmen, especially the defensive line,” said Lawson.

How are the new freshmen looking?

“They are looking good.  Everyone is big and fast.  I expected them to be good,” replied Lawson.

Shaq has been talking with Jay Jay McCullough who is also waiting to get cleared.

“I have been talking with him.  I just tell him to be ready when he gets to Clemson,” said Lawson.



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