Jenkins Working Good Friend Kamara

Jenkins Working Good Friend Kamara


Jenkins Working Good Friend Kamara

By caught up with Ryan Jenkins after he returned home from The Opening.  The experience is one  he will never forget.

“It was great.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.  I got to compete against a bunch of great players.  150 of the top players in one spot.  It was great,” said Jenkins.

During the trip to Oregon Ryan did some recruiting for the Tigers.

“I talked a lot with Kendall Fuller.  I am trying to get him to Clemson,” said Jenkins.

Did Ryan feel like he made progress with Fuller?

“I think so,” replied Jenkins.

Ryan will be back in Clemson this week along with one of his best friends Alvin Kamara.

“We have been best friends since I was like eight.  I have been working him every day to get him to Clemson.  He is still wide open between some schools he likes.  He doesn’t have his mind made up yet.  When the time is right he will make his decision.  It could be sooner or later, but it will probably be sooner,” said Jenkins.

The prize recruit plans to stay for the weekend.

“I am trying to stay the whole weekend, me and AK,” said Jenkins.

Ryan looks forward to getting to know some of his future teammates this week.

“I want to chill with my teammates.  I talk with my brother a lot, but I want to talk with some of the other guys and see what they are like,” said Jenkins.



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