Harbison - Have to Go Back to Work

Harbison - Have to Go Back to Work


Harbison - Have to Go Back to Work


By Heath Bradley.

Clemson defensive back coach Charlie Harbison spoke with the media Tuesday at Cross Creek Plantation.  Coach Harbison talked about replacing Coty Sensabaugh, the arrival of Travis Blanks and much more.






On Replacing Coty Sensabaugh:

“Martin Jenkins, Darius Robinson and Breeland all have snaps under their belt, Coty worked to be special, we have to replace him by committee. I thought the same when we lost Marcus Gilchrist and Byron Maxwell, guys stepped up, every year guys move on and guys step in, I think with the guys we got and the one coming in we will be fine

On Xavier Brewer playing Cornerback or Safety:

“Brewer is going to be on the field, whether it be at safety, corner, nickel or dime. He is so valuable to us because of his experience, the same way Gilchrist was. He understands the system; he is a student of the game. Most of all, he is a leader, I have a great group of guys overall. I am thankful.”

On Travis Blanks:

“He did a great job this spring, he showed he could handle it. I feel like Blanks could really be a positive for us.”

On Cortez Davis:

“He has work to do, I like his body size, and he has the ability. I have to get him to focus on the techniques and details but he will get there. I expect him to have a good camp; he made headway in the new system. He will make a matchup problem favor us, I am expecting a lot of him this season.”

On new defensive coordinator Brent Venables:

“He brought his style from OU. I love the energy level, he is upbeat, I like the way he mingles with the kids, and his delivery. He is a younger guy, he has great energy, and I like what he is bringing, with addition with what we have done before. He is a positive force, a blessing. I like how he sees things, and how he can deliver it to the kids.”

On keeping the secondary focused after 2011:

“We lost our last game, it is what it is. The body of work was good, but we lost the bowl game. I don’t like it; I am not going to say I do. The bottom line is you have to go back to work.”


On Rashard Hall returning from injury and his leadership:

“I expect him to be ready. He said he is good, feeling well. It means a lot to have him around, he has probably played the most out of all the secondary, with him, Meeks and Brewer, and you have some guys who have played some big games. That is a positive to being a good leader. He is a leader, I feel good when he tells me something.”





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