Swinney Summary from ACC Kickoff

Swinney Summary from ACC Kickoff


Swinney Summary from ACC Kickoff


By Heath Bradley.

Greensboro, NC – Coach Swinney met with the media today at the Grandover Resort as part of the annual ACC Football Kickoff media event. Below are some quotes from his time meeting with writers from across the ACC as well as nationally.






On Sammy Watkins Punishment Decision Time Frame

“I haven’t had an issue like this, but really there isn’t any type of drama. As I have told you, my decision to wait and render the punishment is really just more of a challenge to Sammy. There are some things that I wanted him to have to do and I have kind of told him this is your high end of punishment and a kind of low end. It is really up to you how you handle yourself. Responding to a crisis or a difficult situation is really more important than the actual mistake. He has gone above and beyond what has been asked of him and required of him. If he continues to do that, he will kind of get the low end of the punishment. As far as dragging it out, we are not going to do that. When we get to camp we are going to make a decision get this behind us and get ready to play some football.” “I think every situation is a situation to itself. I do not think you can treat everybody the same, but you can treat them fair. It really just depends on the situation.” “There is not cookie cutter way of handling things; it is all based on that particular situation.”

On What He Tells Players About Their Off the Field Actions:

“I tell my players, here are the rules and there are consequences for your actions. It is simple as that. There will be consequences for his actions.”

On Being Picked Behind FSU in the Atlantic:

“I have been the coach in 2009, 10, and 11. I don’t think we have been picked to win it at all and we have won it twice. So that stuff is fun for everyone to talk about and predict but I am much more interested in how it ends up in December.”

On Returning Talent from the Championship Team of 2011:

“We have a lot of guys back, but we miss a bunch of those guys to that helped us win last year. It is a whole new season, whole new team, a much different challenge.”

On Using the Orange Bowl as Motivation:

I think every season is the same in that you use everything that happened the prior season, good and bad. The fact of the matter is we lost four games, not just one game.” “The bottom line is when you win and when you lose you have opportunities to grow. That is what the offseason is about and that is what we have done.” “It has been a long time at Clemson since you have had a team coming back that has experienced a championship. With that I hope we will have a clearer understanding of what it takes to get there. Hopefully the success and failure from last year fuels that fire to try and do bigger and better things in 2012.”

Impact of Brent Venables as New Defensive Coordinator:

“I hope we play a lot better on defense this year. The biggest thing is Brent Venables brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I think that chemistry is very good offensively and defensively, and I hope that will transfer to our team. We have got a lot of young guys who got some experience last year.” “The biggest thing with our system is that we are keeping a lot of things that we have had in place here the past three years, but we have also simplified some things. We have to see us play before we can get a true gauge of how it has taken route. I am excited to get out on the field and put it to the test.”

On the Offensive and Defensive Lines:

“I came out of spring really encouraged about our offensive line. The question mark on our team if I am sitting in your shoes is the offensive and defensive line. For me I do not have a concern from a talent standpoint, we have good players, I really like the personal on our team. I think the storyline on this team is going to be the development and emergence of our sophomores. We played a bunch of freshman last year.” “There are a bunch of sophomores who are going to have to start for us in the trenches. That to me is going to be the real storyline early on, how they play, how they develop.” “I think it is going to be fun to watch, I like our guys.”

Leadership of Dalton Freeman and Malliciah Goodman:

“Both of those guys have huge roles; they have got to do a great job from a leadership standpoint. I mean Dalton is the quarterback up front, everything starts with your center, especially with our system.” “Malliciah is the guy we have kind of challenged to take his game to another level.” “He has got to take it to another level, he has been a good player, he has been a productive player for us, just like Andre Branch was, but he has not been a great player yet.” “So that is the challenge to Goodman. The big thing with Freeman is he has been an All-Conference player but it is really taking leadership. He is like having a coach on the field. He has taken a leadership job in taking these young guys and holding them accountable in the offseason, just like a coach would.” “I am anxious to get out on the field and see where they are.”

On Four Team Playoff:

“I like what they have come up with. Personally, I think it takes an already great situation and makes it better. I personally like bow format, I like they are going to use that. I like they are going to move games back to New Year’s Day. I cannot even imagine not having games on New Year’s Day. I think it is exciting, I think it is going to create even more buzz and excitement for college football. I look forward to watching all the rest of the pieces come together, because I know there are still some moving parts but I really like how it is shaking out. I think we are well positioned within our conference and I think we can be a part of it when it gets going.”


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