Wideman Planning Another Visit

Wideman Planning Another Visit


Wideman Planning Another Visit


Top 2014 defensive tackle Dexter Wideman visited the Gamecocks for their Junior Showcase.

“I went to South Carolina last week.  It was pretty good.  I went to their Junior Showcase.  The coach told me I didn’t have to workout so I didn’t,” said Wideman.

The prize recruit wants to get visit the Tigers again this summer.

“I am planning to come back to Clemson this summer.  I want to check with coach Cheese and see when I can come back.  I would like to come up and see a practice,” said Wideman.

When asked if he has any current leaders, Wideman responded, “No sir, all of them are on top.  I am still very young.  The in-state schools are probably on top right now”.

Don’t expect an early decision from Dexter.

“I am going to wait until signing day of my senior year,” said Wideman.

Dexter expects Saluda to be improved this fall.

“I think we will do real good.  I hope we get further than the second round of the playoffs,” said Wideman.


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