Will Duke Commit Visit Tigers?

Will Duke Commit Visit Tigers?


Will Duke Commit Visit Tigers?


One of the defensive backs that remains on Clemson’s recruiting board is Duke commitment Evrett Edwards from Woodbridge, VA.  The 5-11, 180 pound corner visited a few other top programs over the past month.

“I just got back from West Virginia for a camp.  Earlier this month I went to Alabama,” said Edwards.

West Virginia:  “It was cool.  I enjoyed myself there”.

Alabama:  “It was nice.  I got to workout with Nick Saban all day.  That was cool.  He told me he was one of the best high school corners he has seen”.

The prize recruit gave a verbal commitment to Duke back in March.  Where does he stand with his commitment to the Devils?

“I am happy with the decision I made,” Edwards told TheClemsonInsider.com.

The academics at Duke was a big factor in his decision to commit to Duke.

“I was looking for a 40 year school, not a four year school.  I want a school that will be there for me long after football,” said Edwards.

Clemson and others are pushing for an official visit from the top corner.  Will Evrett take some official visits?

“I haven’t gotten that far yet.  We had practice today and I am focused on my season and getting these young guys ready to play,” said Edwards.

Woodbridge Senior should have a strong team this season.

“There is not reason for us not to make it to the state,” said Edwards.

Evrett’s teammate Da’Shawn Hand is one of the top prospects in the nation for 2014.


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