TCI Picks - Week 2

TCI Picks - Week 2


TCI Picks - Week 2


Time for TheClemsonInsider staff to give you their predictions for this week’s college football games.

Can you beat the TCI staff with your predictions? Each week a member of will pick along with the TCI staff. The member that picks the most winners each week will get to pick against the staff the following week. Get your picks in today on The Rock so you can win this week’s contest.

A number of TCI members tied for the best record at 8-1.  Last week’s winners were JHAWK, 76Orange, I4CUTigers, thecatch2, b-tiger, CU@theValley, Dogger, DeathValleyMike and TigertownJ.

Everyone on the TCI Staff came in over .500 for last week’s picks.  Robert, Trey and Chandler led the way with a 7-2 record.  Ed and Will came in at 6-3 with Heath at 5-4.



NC State -5 at Connecticut

NC State  (Robert, Chandler, Ed, Trey, Heath, Will, 76orange, thecatch2, CU@theValley, TigertownJ, Dogger) Connecticut ()

Maryland +10 at Temple

Maryland (Ed, TigertownJ) Temple (Robert, Chandler, Trey, Heath, Will, 76orange, thecatch2, CU@theValley, Dogger)

Virginia -10 hosts Penn State

Virginia  (Robert, Chandler, Ed, thecatch2, CU@theValley, TigertownJ, Dogger) Penn State (Trey, Heath, Will, 76orange)

Miami +5 at Kansas State

Miami  (Ed, Heath, Will) Kansas State (Robert, Chandler, Trey, 76orange, thecatch2, CU@theValley, TigertownJ, Dogger)

South Carolina -21.5 hosts East Carolina

South Carolina (Robert, Ed, thecatch2) East Carolina (Chandler, Trey, Heath, Will, 76orange, CU@theValley, TigertownJ, Dogger)

Clemson -27 hosts Ball State

Clemson (Robert, Ed, Trey, Heath, Will, 76orange, thecatch2, CU@theValley, TigertownJ, Dogger) Ball State (Chandler)

North Carolina -10 at Wake Forest

North Carolina  (Robert, Chandler, Ed, Trey, Heath, 76orange, Dogger) Wake Forest (Will, thecatch2, CU@theValley, TigertownJ)

Georgia Tech -40 hosts Presbyterian

Georgia Tech  (Robert, Ed, Trey, thecatch2, CU@theValley, Dogger) Presbyterian (Chandler, Heath, Will, 76orange, TigertownJ)

Duke +14 at Stanford

Duke (Trey,, thecatch2, CU@theValley, TigertownJ, Dogger) Stanford (Robert, Chandler, Ed, Heath, Will, 76orange)



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