Time for the latest edition of Ask TCI.  Each week we will take questions on the message board The Rock.  We will take questions up until midnight on Tuesday.

Each weekend we will run our Ask TCI feature with answers to some of the questions asked by the Clemson Insiders.  Make sure to get your questions in next week.


Question – Even though I like the talent we have at RB, I think there is a good chance Tyshon Dye will be the best we have as soon as he steps foot on campus. What are your thoughts on this and will his season ending ankle injury affect his chances of immediate playing time?

TCI – Dye will certainly be a very good running back for the Tigers.  Based on what we have heard we don’t think the injury will impact him next season.  Of course you never really know until the rehab is complete.  As for him being the top running back the minute he steps on campus, there likely will be another top athlete coming in that will give him a run for his money.

McDowell and Howard have shown this year that they can handle the job when needed.

Question – What is Tajh’s 40 time? Typical duel threat guys flirt with 4.5 flat or so.

TCI – Tajh is a 4.55 guy.  He has worked hard on his running and his speed and it has paid dividends this year.  Expect his running game to improve even more next season.

Question – If Signing Day were tomorrow, what school do you think the following kids would sign with:

Robert Nkedmiche
Montravius Adams
Mackensie Alexander
Tyrone Crowder
Tremel Terry
Elijah Daniel

TCI – A lot of these situations are very fluid and won’t be decided until signing day.  If today were signing day we would project the following:

Nkemdiche – Ole Miss, Adams – Clemson, Alexander – Lean Clemson, Crowder – Clemson, Terry – Clemson, Daniel – Up in the air

Question – I’d like to hear a little more about the new freshmen on the baseball team. I’ve already decided that with Gossett, Crownover, Schmidt, and Toney, we will hold opponents to 0 runs every game . So why were so many runs scored in the scrimmages? I’m joking of course but I’d like to get your thoughts on the newcomers as well as both sides of the ball on the diamond this year (all players included).

TCI – We have heard very good things about the freshmen.  I talked with Bradley LeCroy this past weekend and he is really excited about the upcoming season.  Crownover’s rehab has gone well.  The staff feels like they have some freshmen that will help right away on the mound and mix well with some of the veterans.

We have a lot of baseball coverage that will be heading your way once football season is over.

Question – Any reports on Martin Aiken or the other red shirts?

TCI -Aiken is doing good from what we have heard.  Not sure that he will make much of an impact next season, but down the line could be a solid contributor.  Hopper and McCullough are two that we have heard are really catching everyone’s eye.  We expect both to have an immediate impact next season.

Question – I have (within the last 3 years) just started watching basketball. Can we expect any surprises this year?

TCI – So are it looks like the 2012-13 Tigers could be a positive surprise on the court.  The key will be if Booker and Jennings can be consistent leaders and not have games where the disappear like they have in the past.  The group of freshmen have been impressive so far.  K.J. McDaniel is one of the best athletes in the ACC and could become more of a scoring threat this year for the Tigers.




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