A Moment of Truth

A Moment of Truth


A Moment of Truth


By Wayne Gallman.

By Wayne Gallman

Clemson verbal commitment Wayne Gallman, one of the top running backs in the South, is doing a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com.  In this edition the prize recruit discusses signing day, his plans for the offseason and much more

Coach Elliott came by to visit me last week.  He has been great to talk with.  He told me to focus on school and my training.

I am going to be working on hitting the weights, working on my agility and my speed.

I just want to keep doing what I am doing and finish out with all A’s.  I am going to keep training hard.  I can’t wait to get their workout plan after signing day and get in that routine.

Signing Day won’t be a big deal.  I know what I am doing.  I have for a long time.  I can’t wait to do it.

I will be signing around 2:30 at the school.  I know my mom will be happy.  Robert will have his thing in the morning but I know I got what I deserved.  I know I got it for myself.  I only care about what I am doing.  It will be my day.

I am going to move in at Clemson on June  23.



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