A Moment of Truth

A Moment of Truth


A Moment of Truth


By Wayne Gallman

Wayne Gallman, one of the top running backs in the South, is doing a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com.  In this edition the prize recruit discusses his weekend visit to Clemson, his workout plans and much more!

I went up to Clemson this weekend.  I went up with Ky Priester.  We went up on Friday morning.  It was just a relaxing weekend.

I already knew Ky before he committed to Clemson, but now we are just getting a better friendship.

I feel more and more comfortable every time I go to Clemson.  I am ready to get started at Clemson.

I am starting to work in my workout plan.  I have been working with a trainer so I am trying to figure out how to work in the Clemson plan.  Ky has something going with his coach so I am going to try to get with him.

I am already doing most of the stuff they have in the plan in the weight room.  I haven’t started the conditioning work yet.

I have been keeping in touch with Ebenezer and some of the other recruits on Twitter like Jayron.  Of course I talk with Ryan a lot about Clemson.

Ryan is as excited as I’ve seen him.  It was pretty cool that he was able to sign with Clemson.

The coaches keep in touch.  They just ask how I am doing and how I am doing at school.



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