DE Thomas gets Clemson offer

DE Thomas gets Clemson offer


DE Thomas gets Clemson offer


Clemson defensive end coach Marion Hobby has offered a new defensive end from Alabama.

“Coach Hobby is friends with one of of my friends on my team.  He is real close with him.  Almost like his dad.  He said he was going to come watch me in the state championship game.  He came and watched.  He told me he liked what he saw and told me I have an offer from Clemson,” said Thomas.

The 6-6, 255 pound defensive end didn’t expect the offer from the Tigers.

“Coach Hobby called my coach and delivered the info.  Then I called him back.  It was kind of surprising,” said Thomas.

How many offers does the Alabama standout have?

“I have five so far.  Clemson, Memphis, Middle Tennessee, South Alabama and Mississippi State,” replied Thomas.

Cory has been doing his homework on coach Hobby.

“I read about him some on the Internet.  He is from Iredale and I heard he is a good coach,” said Thomas.

A trip to Clemson is in the plans.

“I might try to get up next week for the spring game.  If not I will visit this summer,” said Thomas.

When asked about his current leaders, Thomas responded, “I would say Mississippi State is on top right now.  Then Clemson and Memphis.”

Don’t expect an early decision from the top defender.

“I was thinking I would wait a while.  I want to see who offers,” said Thomas.



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