Okey has Clemson on his mind, for now

Okey has Clemson on his mind, for now


Okey has Clemson on his mind, for now


Clemson commitment Chris Okey, the nation’s top high school catcher, is expected to be a high pick in this year’s MLB draft in June.  In the next month the long process will be over and the top prospect will decide if he will enroll at Clemson this summer or move on to professional baseball.

“It has its ups and downs.  It feels good to know you are wanted.  There are a lot of people that try to squeeze information out of you. When people ask me what I am going to do I tell them I am committed to Clemson.  That is the only thing that is guaranteed.  You have to stick with the people that are close to you.  I am lucky to have good people around me.  It has been fun,” said Okey.

What is Chris hearing from the MLB teams right now?

“To be honest they don’t tell you much right now.  The day I will know is June 6 when I get that call,” replied Okey.

Chris’s family will support whatever decision he makes.

“They want what is best for me and will support me with either decision.  My mom is a huge Clemson fan, but she wants me to do what is best for me.  Either way it is a win win.  They will have my back with my decision.  Clemson is on my mind right now,” said Okey.

Coach LeCroy has built a strong relationship with the prize recruit.

“Oh man, coach LeCroy is awesome.  So is coach Leggett.  Coach LeCroy came to my game the other day.  He is a great coach and a great dude.  He gets me pumped up about coming to Clemson.  I talk with him all the time,” said Okey.

Chris has been following the Tiger’s season closely.

“I have been watching them pretty closely.  I talk to Duggar and a few others on the team.  They are finishing off strong.  They have got to keep it going because this is the important part of the season.  We have fantastic chemistry and I’m sure they will go a long way,” said Okey.

Does Chris have a good idea of what he will do after the draft on June 6?

“In my mind right now I plan to go to Clemson.  That is the only thing I know for sure is that I have the option to go to Clemson.  There is not telling what will happen on June 6. I don’t know where I will get drafted or if I will even get a call on June 6.  That is the only thing I can tell you right now,” replied Okey.

Chris understands the decision fellow Clemson signee Austin Meadows will have to make.

“I have talked to him a little bit.  I played against him this summer.  He is a great dude.  I couldn’t be happier for him.  He loves Clemson, but he has an opportunity he can’t pass up,” said Meadows.

Chris’s senior season has ended, but he has fond memories of playing for Eustis.

“It didn’t finish the way I wanted it to.  We got eliminated in the regional semi-final.  We went pretty far but we wanted to go farther.  We had a good season at Eustis,” said Okey.



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