Meadows playing the waiting game

Meadows playing the waiting game


Meadows playing the waiting game


Thursday night is expected to be a life changing night for Clemson signee Austin Meadows who will likely hear his name called early in the first round.  Austin has been making the rounds since last summer to do individual workout with many of the teams.

“I just got back from Kansas City.  I have been to Miami, Houston and Arizona.  I did a lot of visits before the season.  I went to Toronto.  I have done a lot of them,” said Meadows.

What is the projected first rounder hearing from the teams?

“That is the hard part about it.  You have to wait it out.  A lot of them are saying the same things.  They aren’t going to let their cards out before the draft,” replied Meadows.

Austin has been getting help from Excel Sports Management as he works through the process.

“They have been with me since the beginning.  They do a great job of telling me what to do and what not to do,” said Meadows.

Austin hasn’t spoken with coach Leggett this week, but plans to soon.

“I am sure I will get in touch with them before or right after the draft,” said Meadows.

Most analysts expect it to be an easy decision for the prize recruit as he is projected to be a top ten pick, but he doesn’t know when he will have a final decision on his future.

“Honestly I don’t know when I will know for sure.  I will have to wait and see what happens in the draft.  I am just trying to enjoy time with my family and friends before I go off to Clemson or before I sign with a club,” said Meadows.

Whether he ends up at Clemson or not, Austin will be following the career of Wayne Gallman closely.

“We talk a lot at school.  I am excited to see him go to Clemson and can’t wait to watch him play,” said Meadows.


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