A Moment of Truth - Gallman Diary

A Moment of Truth - Gallman Diary


A Moment of Truth - Gallman Diary


By Wayne Gallman.

By Wayne Gallman

Future Clemson running back Wayne Gallman, one of the top backs in the South, is doing a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com.  In this edition the prize recruit talks about his final few weeks at home as he prepares to enroll later this month.

I will be moving to Clemson in just two weeks on Sunday.  Man I am overly excited.  I can’t wait to get there.

I am still working out as hard as I can.  Tomorrow I am going to Florida to spend some time with my dad before I leave.  I am going down to Jacksonville.  I will continue my workouts while I am down there.

I talked with Austin (Meadows) this week.  He told me he will always stay in touch.  I am one of his best friends.  He said he really wanted to come to Clemson, but he couldn’t turn down that kind of offer.

I am taking it slow right now.  I am spending a lot of time with my family, friends and my girlfriend.  I have been going to the movies and doing other things with my friends.

I have been keeping in touch with coach Elliott.  He just had his baby.  We just talk about old everything.  We don’t talk about football, but more about how we are doing.

I have been going over some film and trying to learn the plays.  I have been working on the basics.

I have waiting a long time to get to Clemson.  It is almost time.



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