Rogers can't wait to get to Clemson

Rogers can't wait to get to Clemson


Rogers can't wait to get to Clemson


Future Clemson defensive end Dane Rogers is leaving for Clemson Sunday morning.

“I am leaving at 10:00 to head to Clemson.  My family will be coming with me,” said Rogers.

How does it feel knowing the time has arrived to enroll at Clemson?

“I am very excited.  I can’t wait to get there,” said Rogers.

Who will the Shelby standout be rooming with at Clemson?

“Shaq (Lawson), Scott (Pagano) and Tyrone (Crowder),” replied Rogers.

What has Dane heard recently from the Clemson staff?

“The coaches are just telling me they can’t wait for me to get down there,” said Rogers.

Dane hopes  to excel on the field and in the classroom at Clemson.

“I want to succeed at everything I do at Clemson, from start to finish,” said Rogers.


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