New details on Howard's Rock case

New details on Howard's Rock case


New details on Howard's Rock case


By Will Vandervort, photo courtesy Clemson Police Department.

By Will Vandervort

According to sources, the Clemson Insider has learned the person of interest is an 18 year old, and the white truck shown in the videos released by the Clemson University Police Department last week is owned by the young mans father. The person of interest is from out of state. That’s all we can release at this point.

The Clemson University Police Department will hold a press conference at 2 p.m. to update anymore news in the case. At this point, from what we know, no charges have been filed and an arrest has not been made.

This morning,  The Clemson confirmed the Clemson University Police Department made significant progress into the investigation of who vandalized Howard’s Rock and was working on a few leads.

From information we have gathered through sources, the Clemson University Police Department has a person of interest in the case, but they would not confirm those findings Friday morning.

From what we understand, the investigation is close to being solved. However, we are unable to release this information at this time so it does not hinder the investigation in any way. As of right now, no arrest has been made.

“We are being very aggressive in our investigation and we are making progress,” Clemson University Police Chief Johnson Link told The Clemson Insider Friday morning.

On the night of June 2, vandals went into Clemson Memorial Stadium and removed the clear casing that protected Howard’s Rock. At that time they broke off a big piece of the rock, at least 15 percent of the rock. After The Clemson reported Howard’s Rock was vandalized on June 12, the university confirmed those findings in a press release.

On June 20, the Clemson University Police Department released videos that showed a white pickup truck pull up next to the construction zone outside Memorial Stadium on the east side. The video shows three men getting out of the truck and moving towards Gate 1. About 11 minutes later, the three men come back to the truck from Memorial Park where the Scroll of Honor is and then a few minutes later took off.

Police also released a photo of the same truck turning right on Highway 93 from downtown Clemson heading towards Memorial Stadium moments before the video was taken.

Link said in a story on June 13, that  he imagined a suspect might face several charges. The report described it as “petit larceny” and “malicious injury to state property.” Link said he might add trespassing, larceny and malicious entry.

We will have more on the investigation as it comes available. Also please visit The Rock to learn more about the investigation as well.


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