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Question – THE major difference between the ACC and SEC is the DL and OL. It seems as if we are falling further behind in getting Elite players on both sides of the trenches. We got Crowder on the OL last year, but we need more than just one. We struck out on several Elite DL porspects last year and I cant see where we are leading for any this year.   What do we need to do to change this?

TCI –That is a good question and was actually one of our questions of the day in The Rock this week.  Last year there was only room to take one OL based on the numbers of OL already on the roster.  Clemson certainly missed on a few 5-star DL last year that they were very close to landing, however they brought in three defensive ends and an All-American at defensive tackle.  We expect Lawson and Ogundeko to both be outstanding defensive ends for the Tigers.  For the 2014 class Huggins will be a 5-star defensive lineman.  He would be a major get for the Tigers but they have their work cutout for them.  In past years Clemson landed 5-stars Ricky Sapp and DaQuan Bowers.  They certainly helped the team, but as you know the current team is much more talented across the board.  As far as offensive line that is the hardest position to project players.  Right now Clemson has some very talented, young depth on the offensive line.  Are there any 5-star prospects coming out of high school, no, but there OL will be a strength.  Some of it depends on the players, where they are from and what the  needs are for  the teams  right now.  Clemson has great depth on the DL and OL right now.  It certainly would help if they could  land a franchise  player on the lines however.

Question – Congrats on finally seeing Coach Ford getting into the Ring of Honor….Is there any way of seeing who voted for and who voted against Coach Ford entering the ROH…Thanks in advance…

TCI – There is an 11 member committed and it takes 7 votes to get in from what I understand.  They do not release the information on who voted for the inductees and who did not.

Question – Is it possible that Hopper be the main return guy on kickoff and PR? It frees up Sammy from getting knick knack injuries.

TCI – Hopper is a burner and will certainly be used on returns.  More likely kickoffs than punts.  Humphries is not as explosive but did is a dependable punt returner.  You will still see Sammy on returns some as he is a game changer every time you get the ball in his hands, especially if the old Sammy is back.  They will have Hopper and other options however so they can pick and choose when to have Sammy back for returns.

Question – Which 4 of the freshman DBs do you see avoiding a redshirt?

TCI – Obviously we expect Alexander to see the field early and often.  Kearse is also expected to play this season and be a significant contributor.  The other two are not as firm right now.  If I had to pick two I would say Baker and Johnson.  Jadar being in for the spring certainly helps his case.  Wiggins will make a strong push as well and could see time at safety.  We will of course know a lot more in August.

Question -Over/Under sack total for Vic Beasley this year? 10 Sacks?

TCI – We would definitely go over on that one.  Beasley is going to be hard to handle this year.  His confidence grew tremendously with his performance last year.  Now he has the confidence to match his potential.

Question – Out of Peake and Bryant who do you think will have more of an impact this season? Does either leave for the NFL?

 TCI – Great question.   We expect both to take their games to a new level and be big contributors.  We expect Peake is likely to catch more balls, but Bryant to have more big plays.  As for leaving for the NFL, Bryant is the most likely to do that if he has a big season, but we expect both to be back for their senior years right now.
Question – What can we expect out of Steward this season? I’m rooting for him and I’m ready for him to make a splash with the lb’s.

TCI – From what we have been told Tony is in the best shape of his life.  This is the make or break year for Tony.  Either he plays like the 5-star  linebacker everyone predicted coming out of high school or he will get passed by with the young talent at his position.  We expect to see Tony have a good season.  Not sure if we can predict a great season yet.  We will have to see more consistent productivity on the field.  He has all the tools to be an NFL linebacker.  Hopefully we start to see that this season.

Question – Other than Crawford and Beasley, who’s your surprise DE for this year and why? For the DT’s, who other than Jarrett, Williams, and Watson will have the most impact? 

At defensive tackle look for D.J. Reader to have a big season.  He had an outstanding spring even though he was doing double duty with baseball.  Also look for Watkins to be a different player this year.

At defensive end look for Barnes to be have a major impact this season.  He will have to be a major player at defensive end this fall.  We also look for Shaq Lawson to be more of a factor as the season moves along.



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