Time for the latest edition of Ask TCI.  Each week we will take questions on the message board The Rock.

Each weekend we will run our Ask TCI feature with answers to some of the questions asked by the Clemson Insiders.  Make sure to get your questions in next week.



Question – Can you give us some info regarding the new security system for Death Valley?

TCI – Well they want to keep some of that quiet for obvious reasons.  We can tell you that they were already in the works of adding a new camera to watch that area before the incident with the Rock.  We can also tell you they are now planning some additional security measures.

I think we can all agree there should have been much better security in place around Howard’s Rock.

Question – What takes the NCAA so long to clear guys to enroll and start school/sport? What’s the process?

TCI – There are certainly major problems with the time it takes to get recruits cleared by the NCAA.  Now some of those delays are due to things on the NCAA end, but many times there are delays or problems with paperwork from the schools the recruits attended.

The biggest issue of course is timing.  There should be changes made as to when the paperwork has to be turned in to the Clearinghouse.  They should be able to find a schedule where things are final long before a recruit is scheduled to enroll.

Question – Is it possible that Hopper be the main return guy on kickoff and PR? It frees up Sammy from getting knick knack injuries.

TCI – Hopper is a burner and will certainly be used on returns.  More likely kickoffs than punts.  Humphries is not as explosive but did is a dependable punt returner.  You will still see Sammy on returns some as he is a game changer every time you get the ball in his hands, especially if the old Sammy is back.  They will have Hopper and other options however so they can pick and choose when to have Sammy back for returns.

Question – Who is going to be on the next diary?

TCI – Chris Register has agreed to do a diary with TCI.  We hope to have one this week with a report from him about The Opening.  We are working on a few other candidates but won’t mention them until we get things finalized.

Question -With spots filling up quickly for this recruiting class, what are the top priorities left on the board in terms of filling needs for this class (not necessarily the player, but what position do the coaches most want to fill)?

TCI – We will have more in Monday’s Insider Report about the numbers, but the biggest remaining needs are another receiver and a couple of top defensive linemen.  The staff is putting together an outstanding class for 2014.  The offensive class will be one of Clemson’s best ever.  If they can add a couple of top defensive lineman then they will have done a great job filling needs on defense as well.

Question – What do you think has been the single most important or most influential decision that Dabo has made since becoming coach? What is the one thing he has done that has most influenced the direction and success of the program?

 TCI – If I had to describe in one word what Dabo has brought to Clemson it would be ‘passion’.  Dabo’s passion for live and for football is very contagious.    Football is an emotional sport and he has brought the emotion back to the football program.  Of course the other thing he brought to the head coaching position is recruiting.  He was always a great recruiter but now Clemson has one of the top recruiters in the nation as their head coach.  It all started when Dabo landed Tajh Boyd.  The rest is history.
Question – Venables was able to beat GT and the triple option in his first year. Any word on if he has prepped the team and the game plan for a more dominating performance in 2013? This game sort of worries me on a Thursday night.

TCI – Venables is very familiar with the triple option from his time at Oklahoma.  He keeps the defense simple for his players to they can play and not spend all their time thinking about where they should be on a given play.  The 2013 defense should  be much improved from last season’s.  Hopefully that will include the game against Georgia Tech.

Question – Who is your pick to win it all this year? What is your prediction on our record for this year?

TCI – As for who wins it all Alabama would be the pick right now.  It is hard to bet against Saban and the  dynasty he has built at Alabama.

My prediction for Clemson’s record this year right now would be 13-1.  Clemson will make it back to the Orange  Bowl and bring home the trophy this time.   I certainly think it is possible we could see the Tigers in the title game, but can’t predict that right now.

Question – What do you think will happen with the Donte Thomas-Williams situation?

TCI – Right now my guess is he does not end up at Clemson due to numbers.  Now if Trevion Thompson commits and takes the final receiver slot then that prediction would change some.  The numbers are very tight right now.  That could change over the next six months if there is more attrition.  Donte plans to wait and announce in January so a lot could change between now and then.



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