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Question – Who is the most underrated recruit for 2014 currently on the board, and which recruit fills the biggest need for the team?

TCI – The most underrated would be Jae’lon Oglesby.  He is a very impressive athlete.  He really took his game to the next level late last season.  He will get some looks at receiver this year as well at Daniel.  He should be a great weapon for the Clemson offense in the future.

As for the recruit that fills the biggest need that has to be DeShaun Watson.  Watson will give Clemson a true dual-threat quarterback that will allow the offense to even go to a new level.  Stoudt will be back next season for one final season and could do a very respectable job running the offense, but he will not be a dual-threat quarterback.  Chad Kelly will be coming back from injury so there will be questions about how he responds.  With the offensive weapons coming in for 2014 a true dual-threat QB will make the Clemson offense one that will be very, very difficult to stop.

Questions – What is Clemson doing to control situations with Agents, such as is happening at UNC??

TCI – Clemson talks with the players early and often about those topics.  Clemson has administrative staff the check where the players live, what they are driving…etc.  Players have to provide documentation on the vehicles they drive.  They do their best to make sure that doesn’t happen at Clemson.

The truth is if a player wants to break the rules it is very difficult for Clemson or any other school to stop that from happening and there are a lot of agents and others out there trying to get them to do just that.

Question – Any news on when the All In cookout may be?

TCI – The All In Cookout event starts Friday, July 19.  Many of the current verbal commits along with some of the top guys on the recruiting board will be in attendance.  We will have more coverage this week and we lead up to the event.

Question – Robert, are you guys sensing any “uneasiness” among the fan base that building a new basketball arena should proceed at the expense of finishing the Death Valley West Zone project? I love basketball and view it as a fun diversion from football in the winter, but Clemson football is the bread and butter of Clemson athletics and Death Valley is the centerpiece. Accordingly, it should have the highest prioity. So, my question is “am I offbase on my view of this, or is my view shared by others?”

TCI – The view is shared by others and I share that view.  We’ve heard that concern from others.

We shared some of this in a previous Insider Report, but we have very big concerns about one of the reasons for the delay and possible changes to the plans for the West Zone.  One of the issues holding things up from what we have heard is that Radakovich is interested in changing some of the plans so more people in the Athletic Department can move into the West Zone.

As you know the West Zone was built as a football facility and those that gave funds to allow the improvements gave with that understanding.  In our opinion the West Zone should remain a football only facility.  Plans should not be changed so that others in the Athletic Department can enjoy the fine facility.

Question -As we all have heard, the coaches (and fans) hope Battle wins the left tackle spot, but is he listed as 2nd string as motivation or is he truly behind? If he is behind, do you anticipate him taking over before the season starts?

TCI – Battle has the talent to be a dominate left tackle as he showed in the win over LSU.  He has made some progress over the spring.  The issue with him is consistency.  Once he becomes more consistent it will be very difficult for him to not be on the field.

Coming out of spring he had not played well enough consistently to take the starting job.  That could certainly happen during camp.  If not it will happen sometime this season.

Question – Will Jordan Leggett be a good enough blocker (run and pass) to see the field early and often? 

 TCI – Leggett has put on some weight since the spring.  He will definitely see the field early and often.  He is going to be an outstanding tight end for the Tigers.  Blocking is something he needs to work on more and he will certainly get plenty of reps doing just that.
Question – Who are your 4 starting DB’s to start the season (2 CB’s and 2 Safeties)?

TCI – Based on what we have heard to date right now we would go with Breeland and Alexander at corner.  At safety it would be Blanks and either Smith or Kearse.  We will have more on Alexander and Kearse in our Insider Report tomorrow.



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