QUALK TALK BLOG: Five for Friday

QUALK TALK BLOG: Five for Friday


QUALK TALK BLOG: Five for Friday


It’s time for this week’s installment of Five for Friday…

1.  Clemson should be proud of its MLB alumni this season. Several former Tigers have seen extensive playing time in pro baseball in 2013, and many of the results have been incredibly positive.

Brad Miller has turned heads with a crazy good debut month in Seattle. First called up on June 28, the middle infielder has an 18-to-11 strikeout-to-walk ratio (pretty dang good for a rookie) and has ascended to the top of the Mariners lineup. He smacked two triples in just his seventh career game and hit his first two career homers in game 17. Pretty impressive stuff.

Elsewhere, Jeff Baker of the Texas Rangers is hitting .326 with nine home runs in only 89 at-bats this season. Left-handed reliever Tony Sipp of the Arizona Diamondbacks had a nine-appearance scoreless streak snapped on Tuesday. Outfielder Tyler Colvin has spent some time with the Colorado Rockies.

Overall, that’s not bad production by one school’s alumni base. Kudos to those guys.

2.  I have a conspiracy theory about Jadeveon Clowney. This is neither the time nor the place to reveal it. Patience, friend

With that being said, nothing was wrong with his conversation with Jay-Z. Nothing we can prove, anyway.

Chances are he will play out the season and be an outstanding player. There’s nothing any media rumor can do about it.

3.  The ACC predictions are boring but fair. 55 voters—basically half—picked Clemson over Miami. Granted, I did too, but I thought there would be some diversity.

Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina could all make a case they are the best team in the Coastal Division. Even Florida State could conceivably get some love from voters. But two teams have clearly separated within the conversation.

4.  NFL first-round draft picks are just now signing. My question is simple: Why?

The draft feels like it was nine years ago. Baseball has drafted and signed. Basketball has drafted and signed. So what’s the holdup with football exactly?

I mean, what are they waiting on? Minicamps are starting and teams are functioning without first round picks on their actual rosters. This is absolute lunacy.

5.  The interview we did with Tajh Boyd on the radio in Greensboro was the best I’ve ever heard. Granted, I’m 1000% biased, but it was pretty doggone good. We discussed everything from the hype surroundng his season to his not-so-secret love of being a movie critic.

Seriously, the guy is a baller. He just gets “it” and can relate to anyone. He genuinely cares about people, which means he’ll be successful in whatever he does (which will almost certainly include a football career). Clemson should be proud of Mr. Boyd and any accomplishments he earns in his final season.



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