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Question – DJ Reader sounds like the real deal. Why isn’t there any talk of him taking 1st team snaps on the D-Line? Does he plan to continue his baseball tenure as well? 

TCI – DJ is having a good camp.  We’ve heard some good things about his play over the past week.  There is a good rotation so all of the DT’s are getting a good number of snaps.  He will certainly get his chance to make a big impact on the defensive line this season.

As for baseball we will have to wait and see.  Based on the talent on the team right now we believe it would be better for DJ to focus on football only, but one of the reasons he came to Clemson was because they let him play both sports so he will have some input into that decision.

Questions – Ammon Lakip is back, has he practiced and how does he look??

TCI – Ammon is back with the team as we reported last week and has looked good.  He hit all of his field goal attempts in the scrimmage on Saturday.

Question – I keep hearing the name CJ Davidson. What kind of info do you have on him?

TCI – CJ came to Clemson on a track scholarship, but decided he wanted to play football.  He is from Daniel and has great speed.  We have heard some good things about how he has played during camp.  Coach Morris, Tajh and Dabo all had high praise for CJ in the past few days.

Question – Minimal talk about QB play so far, and all of that has been about Tajh. Is is safe to assume that no talk is good news?

TCI – The Tigers are in great shape at quarterback heading into 2013.  Tajh of course is playing well and is one of the top quarterbacks in the nation.  Cole is the clear No. 2 and is doing very well.  Cole got some good experience last year and he would be ready to step in if Tajh was to get injured.

In Saturday’s scrimmage Cole was 10-17 for 111 yards and a touchdown.  He is not as flashy as Tajh, but knows the offense well and makes good decisions.

Question -I heard Gary Danielson in a radio interview say Clemson could split the UGA-USC games, win all the rest and play for the national championship. Would 12-1 and ACC champs be good enough to get in championship game?

TCI – It would be very difficult for a one loss Clemson team to make the BCS title game.  If they were to lose the final game of the season against South Carolina there would be no way they would still make the title game.  If they were to lose to Georgia and then run the table it would be more likely, but they would need everything to fall perfectly for that to happen.

Question – Robert, do you have any info on the status of facilities, specifically the basketball facility and the completion of the West Zone? It seems like information on these projects has chilled over the past several weeks. It makes one wonder if the direction that our new AD appeared to be headed is being reconsidered?

 TCI – The decision process on what to do with the basketball arena has slowed from the sources we have spoken with.  There is some resistance to spending millions to build a new arena.  They are still having discussions and looking at the options.
As for the WestZone the next phase has been put on hold by Radakovich.
Question – With the emergence of Tyshon Dye and his advanced physique…what would be your thoughts on using a RS on Brooks (that should have been used last year)?

TCI – Zac will be a big part of the offense this year.  We won’t see him red-shirt.  Brooks was the leading rusher in Saturday’s scrimmage with 79 yards on seven carries.  He is a different player this season.

Question – With a great season this year how many players do you predict to turn pro?

TCI – We assume you are referring to players that could leave early.  Sammy of course is gone after this season as he will be a first round pick.  If Martavis has a good year he could also be gone as we discussed in a recent Insider Report.

The other potential candidates to leave early would be Crawford or Anthony with huge years, but we would expect both to be back next year.






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