It is time for the latest edition of Ask TCI.  Each week we will take questions on the message board The Rock.

Each weekend we will run our Ask TCI feature with answers to some of the questions asked by the Clemson Insiders.  Make sure to get your questions in next week.


Question – With practice being alot more physical at Clemson over the past few yrs, is this leading leading to more and more injuries or just tough luck. If so do you think Clemson changes its approach down the road?

TCI – We don’t believe that is the issue.  Most of the injuries have been groins, hamstrings…etc.  Those types of injuries would not be caused by more physical practices.  With Georgia coming to the Valley to start the season the practices have needed to be physical.  We saw the results of that in the Chick-Fil-A bowl.

For the next week as they turn to preparations for Georgia the staff will let the players get their legs back so they are ready to go on August 31.

Questions – Do all of the incoming WRs avoid red shirts?

TCI – Yes, Dabo said on Monday that both Mike Williams and TJ Green will play this season.  As you have seen from our reporting Mike Williams has been one of the stars during camp.  Green was hurt early, but has come on strong.

Question – How does coach Hobby feel about the defensive ends? Can Lawson break into the starting line-up?

TCI – The defensive staff feels good about the depth at defensive end.  The Tigers have not been this deep at DE in a while.  CJ came to Clemson on a track scholarship, but decided he wanted to play football.  He is from Daniel and has great speed.  We have heard some good things about how he has played during camp.  Coach Morris, Tajh and Dabo all had high praise for CJ in the past few days.

Question – With Cooper and Leggett out for the early part of the season, do you think the Tigers scheme away from the TE or has one of the other guys stepped up? 

TCI – There is good news on the injury front with both Leggett and Cooper.  If you saw our reports last night Leggett is progressing faster than expected in his recovery.  He should be back by SC State and is possible for Georgia.

Sam Cooper started participating in practice yesterday and is expected to be back in full drills by October 1.

Morris loves to use the tight end and with Clemson’s talent at receiver the TE will be open frequently.  The Tigers will still try to take advantage of the tight end against Georgia.

Question -Who plays Jaron Brown on offense this year?

TCI – Charone Peake will play Brown’s role at times as will Adam Humphries.  Last year Clemson called Jaron “third down Brown” at times.  Look for Humphries and Peake to be the possession receiver at times.

We would expect both Humphries and Peake to play a bigger role in the offense in 2013 than Brown did last season.

Question – Redshirting, is it a unanimous vote between coaches?

 TCI – Position coaches, coordinators and Dabo will all have input into the decision.  The player will also have some input into the decision.  Ultimately it will be Dabo’s decision on who will redshirt.  The decisions are not always unanimous, but there is usually agreement.
Question – Do you believe giving Chad Kelly a medical redshirt would discourage Deshaun Watson from signing with us?

TCI – The good news is Chad returned to practice on Monday in some of the drills.  He is expected to be able to fully participate in practice by October 1.

Right now the plan is to play Chad some this season.  Since he was not injured when he redshirted last year he is not eligible for a medical hardship this year without a special exception which is not usually given.  Based on that info the latest we have is they plan to give  Chad some time later this season.

As for the impact on Watson there won’t be any.  Watson is of course a very confident player.  He is well aware of the fact that he will need to come in and battle with Stoudt and Kelly next year.  It will be one great battle next spring for sure.

Question – CJ Davidson. Does he end up in top 2-3 RB rotation?

TCI – Davidson has really played well in camp.  Right now he would be the No. 3 running back with Howard and Dye both out with injuries.  The staff is still deciding if they will play Gallman and Dye this season.  If they don’t you could certainly see CJ in the rotation.

If Howard can get back healthy and play up to his potential CJ would not be in the top three rotation most likely.





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