5-star visitor?

5-star visitor?


5-star visitor?


5-star defensive lineman Albert Hugging led Orangeburg-Wilkson to an impressive victory Friday night.

“Our first game went pretty good.  We beat Bamberg 34-7,” said Huggins.

Bert hopes to be in Death Valley Saturday night to watch the Tigers battle Georgia.

“I was just talking to my coach about that.  I have to ask my dad.  If he says it is okay then I am going,” said Huggins.

Following the big victory Bert reached out to coach Hobby from Clemson.

“I talked to coach Hobby yesterday.  I called him after my game.  He congratulated me on beating Bamberg.  It was the first time we had done that in four years.  There was a little celebration going on,” said Huggins.

When asked about his current leaders, Huggins replied,” “I don’t really have any.  I am going to wait until I take some more visits”.

The prize recruit is building a strong relationship with coach Hobby.

“Me and him are very cool.  He is a great coach.  We have a pretty good relationship already,” said Huggins.

Bert has high expectations for his junior season.

“We have a lot of work to do.  We made some mistakes we need to correct, but I truly think there is a championship in the works,” said Huggins.

Are any other college games in the plans for this fall?

“I don’t have any others planned yet but I know I will take some more,” said Huggins.


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