Veal: "It was incredible"

Veal: "It was incredible"


Veal: "It was incredible"


2015 offensive lineman Mason Veal, one of the top linemen in the Southeast, visited Death Valley Saturday night for the top ten showdown.

“I thought it was incredible.  Everyone tells you what a special place Death Valley, but until you go and experience it you never believe it.  It is so crazy.  It was an amazing atmosphere,” said Veal.

Mason’s family made the trip to Clemson with him Saturday.

“My mom, dad and cousin came along,” said Veal.

Who did Mason’s father, who played for the Gamecocks, pull for Saturday night among two of South Carolina biggest rivals?

“When he went there they were still an independent.  Of course pulling for Clemson is hard for him.  The way he put it he was just hoping for a tie.  My dad has fun and he enjoyed the atmosphere,” said Veal.

Mason’s father is not pushing his son to the Gamecocks.

“He is letting go of his South Carolina leanings.  He is really doing better and wants me to do is best for me,” said Veal.

What is Mason hearing from the Clemson staff?

“They just keep in touch as much as possible.  They want me to come down as much as possible and get to know what it  is like at Clemson,” replied Veal.

Will the Ardrey Kell standout be in Athens this weekend to watch South Carolina battle Georgia?

“I am going dove hunting at my grandfathers farm.  We are going to shoot some dove, have some BBQ and we will watch it on television,” said Veal.

The Tigers made a move this weekend.

“My top three are North Carolina, South Carolina and Clemson for sure.  There is not one in front of the other but after Saturday I am feeling Clemson a little more.  I loved it at Clemson, but I am still a ways away from making a decision,” said Veal.

This week Mason will get a chance to show coach Pearman what he can do on the field.

“We play Marvin Ridge this  week.  That is a big one for us.  Coach Pearman is coming to watch me play Friday night,” said Veal.




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