NC State coach Doeren Transcript

NC State coach Doeren Transcript


NC State coach Doeren Transcript


NC State head coach Dave Doeren previewed the game with Clemson in his press conference today.





Opening Statement

“We are obviously excited for the opportunity to be on national television and play Clemson. They are a good
football team, a very experienced football team. I think they have seven or eight preseason ‘Watch List’ guys,
and you look at almost every postseason award, it seems like they have a name on it. A lot has been said about
how many starters they have back and how many lettermen, I think we all know you have to prove yourself
year in and year out. They opened their season doing that against a great team in their opening game.”

“We are going to have to play really well. I know our guys are excited for the opportunity to compete against
them. They score a lot of points, they score a lot of points early. They’re a lot like when we were playing a
team like Louisiana Tech, they can score a lot of points if you let them get hot. A fast start is critical for our
football team anytime you play against a team that averages close to 500 yards a game and is as balanced as
they are. We are both very similar from a philosophical standpoint in terms of the balance, we both like to play
(fast) in our offensive systems.”

“Those are the things we know from a defensive standpoint. We have to limit the number of explosive plays,
we have to keep the ball inside and in front, and play with great leverage and swarm the football. We have to
be extremely opportunistic. It would be great to continue what we’ve been doing from a takeaway standpoint
and it would be great to get a few in the air. Tajh Boyd is a great player, a 67-percent completion rate and he
hasn’t thrown a pick yet this year. We know we have to do a great job with him. He runs the ball well when
they ask him to.”
“Sammy Watkins, nine catches in his first two games, and with the receiver they had go down [Charone]
Peake, probably only increases his role. The other receiver, [Martavis] Bryant doesn’t get talked about a whole
lot, but he averaged 30 yards per catch last year. That is really impressive. The ground game seems to be their
most improved part, just watching this year to last year. Their tailback is fourth in the league in rushing right
now. We have to do a good job of understanding all of the fits, the play action that comes off of them,
recognizing their quick screen game and tackling in space. I think that is the key defensively.”
“They are a very multiple defense, a lot of pressure no matter what the down and distance is. They pin their
ears back. They really are not a max blitz team, as much as they are bringing five from all over the place. I have
known Brent Venables a long time and he is a very good football coach. I know they are going to be coached
soundly and have a lot of looks for our guys to decipher. We will have to be able to run the football. That is
something that is important for us to have the ability to throw. We are going to have to have that play action
game, the screen game, the different ways to move the pocket will help our offensive line against these guys. I
look forward to that and I know our offensive line is excited. They have a great pass rusher in [Vic] Beasley. I
know he had a great game against State last year and he’s off to a good start with two sacks this season. They
have been in the system for two years. They are playing defense better. If you watch all of last season, their
bowl game to now, you can see they’ve really made strides in him being their in his second year as the dcoordinator.”

Both kickers are really good. I think their guy may lead the nation in touchback percentage and ours is right
next to him.”

On having a bye Saturday:
“We didn’t use it like we will after the Syracuse game, where we will have a 14-day window coming up after
that one. We really went right back to work like it was a normal workweek. What we did, we came in after the
game on Sunday and did our normal Sunday routine. We put the game to bed and watched the film with our
players, got a good lift in. Monday’s are their class day, where a lot of guys have night classes and extra stuff.
We went Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Really what we did, Tuesday and Wednesday we had back-toback Tuesday like practices, which is your typical 1st down, 2nd down, physical, grinder type of practices.
Thursday was more of a 3rd down, red zone and two-minute day for us, our normal Wednesday. We gave
them Friday off, a lot of coaches went out and recruited. It was a good day for us to go out and evaluate the
top players in the state and a little bit out of state. We brought them in early Saturday morning and had
basically our second Wednesday practice. The kids were able to get out of the building at 1 p.m., and go watch
college football, which I think is really good for our players to watch other teams play. Especially this past
week, there were some crazy endings to some games, where having some football aptitude could really help
you in places. For a young football team, we can never watch enough. Sunday, we did what our typical
Thursday practice looks like, a little more watered down version. We will come back tomorrow and get
another one in.”
“I feel good about the amount of work we have done. We have gone back to the film, as coaches, and tried to
look at what we have done well for two weeks, what we haven’t done well, what we need to change now that
Pete [Thomas] is in there and give him a better chance. Really looking at the defensive coverage that he is
going to be facing and the throws that he is good at. It was a real productive nine days.”

On history of upsets and drawing upon that in preparation for Clemson:
“I don’t really have to look at the history. I just tell them, ‘Hey look guys, a lot of people are saying you don’t
have a chance in this game. But everyone in here that has played here knows that you do, because of what you
did last year when Florida State came in here and the year before with Clemson.’ Those games aren’t going to
win this game for us, but at least there are guys in the room that played in those games that remember. Our
young guys are just out there playing, so they don’t know any better. For the older guys, I think it is a source of
pride and our fans are a big part of the noise we can generate on third down and key moments defensively.”

On Brandon Mitchell’s progression:
“He just got in a boot this week. He will still have to be on crutches for one more week and then I think he can
be weight bearing after that. He will stand out there and throw balls around the guys during breaks and things
like that, but he can’t put any weight on it yet.”
On Pete Thomas
“Going into the opening game, for the two weeks prior [Brandon] was taking most of the reps. For Pete
[Thomas], it was about getting those reps back. He did a nice job. These last eight days have been really
beneficial for Pete. He really studies a lot of film and I think anyone would agree that it is better to study
yourself on film than somebody else. Now, he has actual plays of him doing good. He hasn’t seen a defense like
this yet, so this will be a test for him.”

On help of faster paced offense to help prepare for Clemson:
“They have been together for a while on offense. I think six years a lot of those guys have been working
together. It helps, our defensive kids had to face our offense all through spring, all through camp. We are very
similar in a lot of things we do. I think for both teams it will kind of offset the advantage. You can’t simulate
exactly how fast they are going to be going with your scout team guys. I do think being a no huddle team does
prepare your defense a little better for those match-ups, and you saw that in our opening game. I think we
handled La. Tech’s speed to the line of scrimmage pretty well.”
On Clemson’s secondary:
“They don’t cover for very long. Those guys are on the quarterback, they blitz a lot. It’s hard to say to be
honest. We will see if we can protect for long enough and see if they can do it or not. They have played pretty
well on defense the first two games, and obviously whenever your secondary is getting a great pass rush it
helps them.”


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