Up Downs

Up Downs


Up Downs


Football season is underway for the Tigers as they chase another championship.  One that many hope will be one of the best seasons ever at Clemson.  As the season progresses some players will make a move and demand more playing time based on their performance on the field.  Others will take a step back.



In this new TCI feature each Sunday we will look at the players moving up and those that are moving down.  Which players are elevating their game and their position on the depth chart?


Stephon Anthony – Anthony has raised his game to another level.  Against NC State he led the team in tackles with 14.  As his play has improved on the field so has his confidence.  It looks like coach Venables made a great decision leaving Anthony at the MIKE.  Hopefully as the season progresses he will continue to play even better.

Germone Hopper – With Peake out for the season it is important for Bryant and Hopper to become bigger weapons for the Tiger’s offense.  Hopper played well again against the Pack.  His role as a playmaker should only continue to increase as the season moves along.

Shaq Lawson – Shaq is coming on strong after only three games.  Thursday night he had three tackles for loss.  He has the potential to be an outstanding defensive end for the Tigers.  Shaq made it clear he is not only fighting for more playing time, but he is fighting for a starting position.

Sam Cooper – It was great to see Cooper back in the endzone for the Tigers Thursday night.  Sam made an incredible recovery from his knee injury and is ready to play a major role at tight end again.  His quick recovery is a great boost for the offense.  He showed this week he is not just ready to see the field, but to once again fight for the starting position.


Kellen Jones – In the last edition of Up Downs we had Jones as one of the players moving up after his impressive performance against SC State.  Unfortunately now he is out for the season with a knee injury.  It is a shame as Jones was starting to make a move for more playing time.

Gifford Timothy – Timothy went out with a concussion Thursday night, but before he did he was beaten badly on several plays.  The offensive line play improved with the insertion of Shaq Anthony and Isaiah Battle in at tackle.  Battle will sit this week due to his punch late against the Pack.  When he returns for Syracuse look for Anthony and Battle to make a push for a starting position.




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