Saalweachter right at home

Saalweachter right at home


Saalweachter right at home


2015 offensive lineman Zac Saalweachter visited Death Valley Saturday where he watched Clemson whip Wake Forest.

“I love it.  The atmosphere is crazy.   The coaches are nice.  I got to know coach Brooks pretty well,” said Saalweachter.

The Winston-Salem standout brought his entire family with him on the visit.

“I came down with my parents, brother, sister and grandparents.  My grandparents have season tickets,” said Saalweachter.

Zac attended the Dabo Swinney High School football camp this summer.

“I was there for camp in June,” said Saalweachter.

Which schools are recruiting the Reynolds standout the hardest right now?

“I would say Clemson.  I have got a lot of letters from East Carolina.  I am also hearing a lot from North Carolina,” replied Saalweachter.

Zac is already building a strong relationship with coach Brooks.

“Coach Brooks came by my school and watched me workout.  He had given me the  info for the camp so I went last summer.  I got to know coach Caldwell pretty good since he was my position coach at camp.  My dad knows coach Caldwell from when he camped at Furman.  Coach Brooks wants me to come back for the Georgia Tech game,” said Saalweachter.

After visiting Death Valley for years, how was it different to be there as a prospect?

“The seats were a lot better.  My grandparents seats are in the nose bleeds.  It was good talking with some of the recruits.  A lot of them had never been there before.  I love the atmosphere there,” replied Saalweachter.

The season hasn’t gone well so far for Reynolds which impacts Zac as well as his father.

“We are struggling right now.  We are 0-5 and have lost a few guys.  My dad is the new head coach so there is more pressure on me,” said Saalweachter.



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