Brown: "It was a great atmosphere"

Brown: "It was a great atmosphere"


Brown: "It was a great atmosphere"


2015 lineman George Brown made his second visit to Clemson this year to watch the Tigers whip Wake Forest.

“The game was great.  It was a great atmosphere,” said Brown.

Who made the trip with the future All-American?

“My dad came with me and my running back Marcus Davis,” replied Brown.

George has made a number of visits already this season including a visit to Georgia.  The visit to Tigertown is near the top.

“It is up there with the best,” said Brown.

Some teams are recruiting Brown for the offensive line and some for defense.  The Clemson coaches made it clear they would like to have the Ohio standout help the defensive line.

“They like me a lot.  They want me to play defensive end at Clemson,” said Brown.

What was the highlight of the visit?

“It was definitely the game,” replied Brown.

George will make a number of other visits but where will he visit?

“I’m not sure yet.  I need to make some more plans,” replied Brown.


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