2016 RB looking at Tigers

2016 RB looking at Tigers


2016 RB looking at Tigers


2016 Charlotte Christian running back Elijah Deveaux is getting plenty of attention early from Clemson and a number of other top programs.  Elijah visited Death Valley twice this season.

“I was there for the Citadel game and also the  Georgia game.  I was impressed with the Citadel game.  Even though it was the Citadel it was still a sellout.  The fans were having a great time out there,” said Deveaux.

Elijah had heard about Clemson from basketball freshman Patrick Rooks.

“I know him pretty well.  He came back not too long ago and said he is really enjoying his time there,” said Deveaux.

Coach Pearman is the recruiting coach for the Charlotte Christian standout.

“I have been hearing a lot from him lately.  He tells me he wants me to get down for a bowl practice and get familiar with my position coach.  He wants me to see how he works with his players,” said Deveaux.

Coach Pearman has visited Charlotte Christian twice this month.

“He came by the past two weeks.  Georgia, Duke, Syracuse, West Virginia and Pitt have also been by the school,” said Deveaux.

When asked if he has any early favorites, Elijah responded, “No I don’t have any yet.  I am just waiting to see who comes along with offers.  I want to see who does the process the right way.”

Two schools have already offered.

“Mississippi State and Temple have,” said Deveaux.

The sophomore had an outstanding season for the Knights rushing 217 times for 1850 yards and  24 touchdowns.

Teammate Jeb Blazevich will be going to Georgia.  Does that give the Dawgs an advantage?

“It gives me more of an opportunity to visit because he is there but I also have two teammates at NC State.  It helps a little bit but I also know a lot of folks down at Clemson,” replied Deveaux.



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