Robinson: "I can compete with these guys"

Robinson: "I can compete with these guys"


Robinson: "I can compete with these guys"


Future Clemson defensive lineman Jabril Robinson showed this week that he can compete with the best players from the Carolinas.  TCI caught up with Jabril following the Saturday’s Shrine Bowl.

“It was wonderful.  I never got to play against people as athletic as we had.  It showed me that in the future and at Clemson I am going to be able to compete with some of these guys,” said Robinson.

How much did the Shrine Bowl week help prepare Jabril for Clemson?

“It helped me a lot.  It got me to see all different kinds of strengths and different kind of moves that I am going to be going against a Clemson,” replied Robinson.

What does Jabril need to do to move inside at Clemson.

“Put on a little weight and get a little stronger and everything will be alright,” said Robinson.

What is Jabril’s current weight?

“250,” said Robinson.

What was the highlight of the week for Jabril?

“I am coming into the practices and everybody knows who Elijah Hood is.  I had no idea.  I didn’t know who any of these guys were.  We were practicing and I gave him a good hit.  He fumbled the ball and everybody was shocked with that.  It felt kind of good because I didn’t know who this guy is but it showed that I can do something,” said Robinson.


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