TCI 2013 National Awards

TCI 2013 National Awards


TCI 2013 National Awards


It is time for the annual TCI National College Football Awards.  Today we hand out our best and worst awards to the players and teams for the 2013 college football season.

Who were this year’s winners?




Player Awards

Top Gun

The Top Gun award goes to the nation’s best player and that has to be Florida State’s Jameis Winston.  The redshirt freshman set the college football world on fire leading undefeated Florida State to the BCS Title game.


The most overrated player this season was an easy selection.  Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch takes home the award this year.  It was a joke that he was so overhyped that he got an invite to New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation.

Postal Service

The Postal Service award goes to the top running back in the nation that delivered the ball when necessary.  This was a close call between Auburn’s Tre Mason and Boston College’s Andre Williams.  We are giving this year’s award to Tre Mason because he delivered when it mattered the most.


The PTO award goes to Jadeveon Clowney.  No player had more hype entering the 2013 season than Clowney.  Jadeveon finished the season with only three sacks and received more attention for the plays he took off than the hits he put on opponents.

Good Hands

The good hands award goes to the top receiver in the nation.  Clemson’s Sammy Watkins takes home this year’s award.  With the departure of Nuk Hopkins to the NFL Sammy once again became the go to receiver for the Tigers.


Team Awards


The award for the most overrated team this year goes to Northern Illinois.  Once again the pollsters allowed Northern Illinois to be positioned for a BCS Bowl.  Luckily Bowling Green exposed them as they crushed them for the conference championship.

Biggest Surprise

The team that was the biggest surprise this season had to be the Auburn Tigers.  Although it took a few late season miracles to make it to the BCS Title game,  it was a huge surprise for Auburn to head into the Iron Bowl with just one loss.


The MASH award goes to the Georgia Bulldogs.  No team was hurt more by injuries this season than Georgia.  The team Clemson defeated to start the season was one of the top five teams in the nation when healthy.  By the end of the season the Dawgs were a shell of themselves.


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