Tuesday Clemson defense player quotes

Tuesday Clemson defense player quotes


Tuesday Clemson defense player quotes


Clemson defensive players Vic Beasley, Stephon Anthony, Robert Smith, Spencer Shuey and Grady Jarrett met with the Orange Bowl media Tuesday morning.





Spencer Shuey, Senior, Linebacker

On Clemson’s last appearance in Orange Bowl game:

“What happened two years ago won’t dictate what happens this year at the game. It’s a whole new team and [Coach Venables] definitely emphasized that. You have to focus on our task this year. It definitely is a little motivation. Coach (Dabo) Swinney said we’d be back and we’ll have a chance to redeem ourselves and here we are two years later. We’re definitely going to go out there and hopefully put on a much better performance.” 

On Dabo Swinney as a coach:

“I think he’s just brought an unbelievable amount of focus to the team, to the defense especially. He has emphasized the importance of watching film and how important each rep is in practice. [He emphasizes] locking onto the little things and mastering your game plan. I feel like guys have really locked onto that and trusted him and started to prepare with that type of approach.” 

On trusting teammates:

“Guys always kind of want to jump out of their gaps and try to make someone else’s play and that’s when everything falls apart. You have to rely on the other guys around you and trust them to do their job and they’ll definitely help you do your job. It definitely takes a full 11 guys working together. That’s the great thing about football, it’s a team sport and you have to trust the guys around you and count on them.”

Robert Smith, Junior, Safety

On playing in the Discover Orange Bowl:

“It’s just like Coach (Dabo) Swinney said, these are two teams that have had great chances of being in the national championship and I think both of these teams are going to treat this game like we’re in a national championship. This is our national championship. This is our last bowl game for the BCS and it’s nationally televised. So we’re going to treat it as a national championship game.” 

On Braxton Miller:

“Anytime you play a dual threat quarterback, there’s always that element of running with pulling up and throwing the ball. I think a lot of people underestimate Braxton Miller’s passing ability. I actually think that Braxton Miller, the more I watch film, is a great passer. A lot of people don’t see it as much because he can run really well. I think another element that makes you respect him even more is because he is a great passer. He has a great arm and strong arm.”

On Ohio State’s receivers:

“They play with an edge and they have speed. We face a lot of receivers with speed, but they probably have about three or four with real good speed and I think that’s something you always have to be aware of.”

On Clemson defense:

“Towards the end of last year the defense started to get in the groove. It’s just being in the system longer and understanding exactly what Coach (Venables) wants in the defense and what he sees and what he wants to be done. At the beginning of the year out of everything on the team I think we were the question mark; that’s one of the chips we had on our shoulder that we were the question mark. We just want to go out there and prove that we’re a solid team all together, offense and defense.”


Vic Beasley, Junior, Defensive End

On Clemson’s matchup with Ohio State:

“It’s a big challenge. I like going up against great players; they make me a lot better. I’m going to come out with an edge to myself and try to help my team get the win.”

On stopping Braxton Miller:

“I can’t do it by myself, personally. But our front seven and whole eleven on defense, we can get the job done. I think we’re going to come into this game with a chip on our shoulder, but we’re going to get the job done.” 

On how Clemson’s defense has managed to get so many tackles:

“Just fighting harder and harder each and every game and trying to make a statement to the nation. We’re trying to lead the nation every year with our sacks and tackles for loss. We’ve been able to keep it up at the top this year.”

On what the chip on their shoulder is:

“It’s a big game and a lot of people think Ohio State should be playing for a National Championship and so do we. We think we should be playing for a National Championship. I think we’re the better team. I have belief in my offense and belief in the defense and I just know that we’re going to get the job done.”


Stephone Anthony, Junior, Linebacker

On the excitement of this Discover Orange Bowl:

“It’s exciting. It’s a great challenge for us. It’s almost a sense of a measuring stick for us to see where we are at.” 

On the challenge Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde bring:

“They have a great tandem. They have the speed and the power. We need to play assignment football. You need to be focused and aware of what is going on.”

On whether or not this game is an opportunity to fix what happened two years ago in the Discover Orange Bowl:

“Yes it’s a great opportunity to put it to bed. I don’t think many people on our team are thinking about it anymore. We’re pretty much focused on the third (Orange Bowl) and getting ready for that…I feel like this team has great maturity from the first time we came down here. We’ve grown so much since then; it’s amazing. I feel like we handled the South Florida distractions much better this year.”


Grady Jarrett, Junior, Defensive Tackle

On Ohio State’s Braxton Miller:

“He’s probably the fastest quarterback I’ve ever seen. The way he breaks away from guys, you need to get him before he gets going. He’s a really good athlete. He makes a lot of good passes. When you’re playing college football, these are the types of athletes you want to play against.”

On lessons they have learned against great quarterbacks this year:

“Against top quarterbacks, you can’t make mistakes; you have to capitalize on opportunities that you get. When you’re going against the best players in the nation, there’s not a lot of room for error. I feel like going up against the quarterbacks we have already faced, it has prepared us. But I feel like we are going up against whole different animal in Braxton Miller because he just brings so much to the table. We have a great challenge but I feel like we’ll be ready.”



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