Carla Boyd's Message

Carla Boyd's Message


Carla Boyd's Message

Carla Boyd, Tajh’s mother, called on Sunday to get a message out to Tiger fans, parent of recruits and others about coach Swinney and her son’s experience at Clemson.

“I want to get a message out the the Clemson fans and other parent about Dabo Swinney.  I need to tell the fans and talk to the parents.  Everything Dabo told us came true,” said Carla Boyd.

Carla remembers how coach Swinney made landing his son priority number one for the Clemson staff.

“Dabo told us when he got the job after being interim coach he told the coaches we have to go out and get Tajh.  He said he told the staff to go out and do everything the legal way to get Tajh.  Get him on campus was the message he told the staff,” said Carla Boyd.

Coach Napier and coach Pearman were late to the party, but worked hard and convinced Tajh and his family to visit Clemson.

“When we were scheduled to come the first time for the visit I couldn’t get off work.  I looked on the Internet and saw where all the fans were so disappointed.  When I was able to make it we got there at around 2 AM.  Coach Napier and coach Pearman were waiting for us with blood shot eyes.  We had blood shot eyes as well.  We checked into the hotel and from there on everything went great,” said Carla Boyd.

The next key for Tajh was the in-home visit for coach Swinney.

“Dabo said Tajh could take the program to another level.  He said we can make it happen if you believe.  Tajh can make it happen.  He said I have a plan.  I need you to believe in me.  He told me when I finish with Tajh he will be a better young man,” said Carla Boyd.

Dabo brought something along on the visit to show where he thought Tajh could lead the program.

“He showed us a picture he had of Tajh competing for the Heisman.  It really happened.  Everything he told us happened,” said Carla Boyd.

Following the visit Carla wasn’t sure who her son would select, but she knew she believed in coach Swinney.

“I felt a good spirit about him.  I always believed in him,” said Carla Boyd.

Early Saturday morning after the victory Carla Boyd, Tajh’s mother, shed some tears as she talked with coach Swinney.  Carla wanted to thank coach Swinney for keeping the promises he made five years ago.

“I said everything you said would happen came to fruition.  I still can’t believe it,” said Carla Boyd.

Carla had a message for other parents who have son’s looking at Clemson.

“At one point you have to trust in a coach.  I trusted in turning my son over to Dabo and that program because of his Christian beliefs.  That has always been a big help to Tajh.  I would tell any mom or dad you should send your son to Clemson.  If your son does the right things they can end up just like Tajh,” said Carla Boyd.

Carla also had a message for Clemson fans.

“I want to thank all of the fans that stood by us through thick and thin.  I want to thank those dedicated friends and fans,” said Carla Boyd.

She couldn’t leave without saying one more time what coach Swinney meant to her family.

“Everything he told us when he came to the house came true in front of our eyes.  He told us to believe and we did,’ said Carla Boyd.



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