Kendall: "Really nice visit"

Kendall: "Really nice visit"


Kendall: "Really nice visit"


2016 quarterback Austin Kendall visited Clemson Saturday afternoon as the Tiger’s hosted some of the top juniors in the nation and a few select sophomores.

“I had a really nice visit.  I got to talk to a lot of the coaches and see a lot of things I didn’t get to see during a game day.  It was a good visit overall,” said Kendall.

What did Austin get to see during the visit to Clemson?

“We got to see the athletic dorms and the academic center.  We saw the  football facilities and had lunch in the WestZone,” Kendall told

During the visit Austin got to speak with a number of Clemson coaches.

“I got to talk with coach Morris, coach Swinney and my recruiting coach Pearman,” said Kendall.

Coach Swinney had a friend the knew Dabo many years ago.

“My dad had a friend that Dabo knew in high school.  He had a beach house next to him.  I really look forward to him recruiting me,” said Kendall.

A couple of other visits are already planned for Austin.

“I am going to NC State tomorrow and I have a visit to Tennessee scheduled for March 1,” said Kendall.

Austin was one of only a few sophomores that attended Saturday’s Junior Day.

“I was the only sophomore QB there.  It was more of an elite event today.  I am now going to wait to see if they offer.  They said they wanted to see me at camp first,” said Kendall.

Who did the super sophomore grow up rooting for?

“I have been in Charlotte since I was two.  My dad grew up in Columbus and then went to Georgia so we always pulled for Ohio State and Georgia,” said Kendall.

When asked if he has any early favorites, Kendall responded, “It is way too early to know.  I am just  waiting to get some offers and keep building relationships with the coaches,” said Kendall.

Coach Swinney’s speech at the end of the day impressed the 2016 standout.

“I really liked Dabo’s closing speech where he talked about family commitment.  I know he is committed to the team and I liked that he signed an eight-year deal so I know he is committed to Clemson,” said Kendall.



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