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Tajh's Tales


By Tajh Boyd.

By Tajh Boyd

Editor’s note: Fresh off leading the Clemson Tigers to an Orange Bowl victory over Ohio State, Tajh Boyd is doing a diary with The Clemson Insider.com. Follow his journey for the next few months as he goes from the Senior Bowl, to the combine, to the NFL Draft. In this edition Boyd discusses the Senior Bowl, the All-Star Football Challenge and much more!

I had a good trip to New York.  I got to meet a lot of different people.  We hung out with marketing folks like some of the reps from Nike.

I met with a company called Fantex.  They deal with stocks and things where you can actually invest in players.  Arian Foster is doing it.  It is going to be interesting.  I got to talk to the CEO of Fantex.  It will be interesting to see how that goes forward.

I had a camera crew following me around everywhere.  They were working on something for the draft.  They were taking pictures of me taking pictures.

It wasn’t my first trip to New York.  It is not my favorite city.  It is always moving.  The traffic is crazy and the cabbies are unreal.  I am not really a big city person.

After that I went back to Boca but there were some weather delays.  I was supposed to fly back late Sunday but I got delayed like six hours.

I didn’t get to workout on Monday because I got back so late.  Tuesday I had to do like four workouts to makeup for missing Monday.  It is always good.  You are grinding and getting better.  You see the results.  I am down to 219 now.

Chris Carter came and worked out with us.  I got to sit down and talk to him a lot about football.  Bill Parcels also came by and talked to us for about 45 minutes.  Having two Hall of Famers in your presence was pretty cool.

I had a nice workout on the beach yesterday.  We worked on a lot of fundamentals.  I was doing some drop backs in the sand.

Everything is coming fast.

I will be in town Thursday for the All-star game in Greenville.  I am not playing, but will be there to show my support and interact with some of the Clemson guys.  I will probably be in town Thursday and Friday.

Then I have to get back down to Boca and get ready for the combine.





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