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By Tajh Boyd.

By Tajh Boyd

Editor’s note: After leading the Clemson Tigers to an Orange Bowl victory over Ohio State, Tajh Boyd is doing a diary with The Clemson Insider.com. Follow his journey for the next few months as he goes from the Senior Bowl, to the NFL’s Scouting Combine, to the NFL Draft. In this edition Boyd discusses the NFL Combine, pro day and much more.

On Saturday I had a lot more meetings with the teams. I met with a bunch of offensive coordinators.  I met with the Vikings head coach.  I did a lot of board work with the different teams. They asked questions about my experience. A lot of them were football questions. I think I am good as far as interviews go.

The offense at Clemson is not so different than some may think. We do a lot of stuff at Clemson that has similar concepts to what they do in the league. I had to express that to those guys as well.

On Sunday I got up and had breakfast. Then I went and started getting after it for a little while. We went on the field and did the 40. Right after we ran the 40 we did some routes with the receivers. I thought I threw the ball well. It was a good day.

My biggest thing was when I stepped on that field with those guys I wanted to show that I can compete with anybody. I felt like overall the experience was good. It was kind of what I expected. It was a little tiring.  They put you through a rigorous schedule to see how you respond mentally.

Right now I am on the road. I am going to Bradenton, Fla.,  to do a show with Steve Mariucci and Kurt Warner. We are doing it for a show called Game Changers.

I fly back to Clemson on Saturday. I am going to work on getting everything scripted for pro day. I am going to get with Sammy (Watkins), Tay (Martavis Bryant) and Hot Rod (McDowell) to get ready before Thursday. I am looking forward to the pro day at Clemson.

The whole process is flying right now. I am looking forward to getting back to Clemson. I will get a chance to see some people. I will be there for most of the time until the draft. I will be leaving to so some things like the Gruden camp and some other obligations. Teams will come work me out individually. It will be good to have guys like Sammy and Tay there to throw to when teams come by.



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