Mom and Dad talk Clemson

Mom and Dad talk Clemson


Mom and Dad talk Clemson


By Hale McGranahan.

ORANGEBURG – Before Albert Huggins Sr. and his wife Eularia could send their son off to college, he had to pick which one it was going to be.

On Friday morning, before classmates, teammates, teachers, administrators, coaches friends and family, Albert Jr. committed to Clemson over Georgia.

“It’s a process that’s been long and drawn out, but it’s over, and glad that it’s over,” Senior said. “He made a good choice in the school.”

He added, “I think he’s going to get a good education at Clemson and he’s going to be able to play football, like he wants to.

“Most of all, I think he’s going to get a good education,” Senior said. “It’s a family atmosphere up there. We enjoy it.”

Eularia concurred. Excellent was the word of choice, when she was asked about Junior’s decision.

“I feel good. I feel he’s going to be well looked after. His sports abilities, education-wise, it’s good,” she said.

And, like her husband, Eularia is happy that a decision has been made.

“It’s been a good journey,” she said. “It has been a real learning experience, but I’m glad it’s at the end. At the end, it got a little tense deciding which way to go, what’s best for him. It’s good for us.”



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