How to find a Clemson WR

How to find a Clemson WR


How to find a Clemson WR


Jeff Scott has been at the forefront of Clemson’s recent run on uber-talented wide receivers.

From DeAndre Hopkins and Martavis Bryant to Sammy Watkins and beyond, Clemson’s pool of wide receivers is stocked to the brim for years to come. For Scott, who’s entering his first season as the Tigers’ offensive coordinator, there’s an eye test that comes with finding wide receiver talent.

“It’s something that may be a little more difficult to describe, but you kind of know it when you see it,” Scott said.

This much is certain: Scott wants his play-makers to come in different shapes and sizes with a variety of skill sets.

“I’m not looking for 10 Mike Williams. You’re not looking for 10 Artavis Scotts. You’re not looking for 10 Chrone Peakes. But you need the ingredients to bake the cake,” Scott said. “You need a guy like Adam Humphries and a guy like Mike Williams — different type players to get the job done, to do what you need to do offensively.

“You know what you’re looking for and you need a certain number of each of those skill sets.”

Scott certainly understands the Clemson offensive philosophy. Spread out the field with a hurry-up, no-huddle attack — that’s the gist of it.

Because there’s no mistaking the Tigers’ identity, Scott is allowed to be a little more specific in what he’s looking for at wide receiver.

“There are some guys that are very talented guys, but they don’t quite fit what we’re looking for in our system and they go other places and are really good players, but we just didn’t feel like they’re a great fit for what we do,” he said. “Sometimes, there are guys that we take that maybe don’t have offers from a lot of the other big schools, but we know exactly what we’re looking for, that they can get that specific job and specific role done.”

Size matters.

“If they’re going to be a guy that’s under 5-11, they need to be able to fly. They need to be a difference maker, have elite speed,” Scott said. “The bigger they are, they don’t quite have to have the speed, but they need to be able to have good ball skills, high-point and do different things.

“You’re looking for different body-types. Within each body-type, you need to see certain skills for each body-type. Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. There’s not anybody that’s perfect and has it all.”



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