Clemson offer comes for Bumphus

Clemson offer comes for Bumphus


Clemson offer comes for Bumphus


A little more than a week ago, Clemson defensive tackles coach Dan Brooks saw LaTrell Bumphus perform at Hardin County High School in Savannah, Tenn., and suggested to Hardin County head coach Matthew Smith that an offer from Clemson would be coming to the 2017 defensive end.

Brooks is a man of his word — the Tigers offered Bumphus on Monday.

“I knew that there was a possibility of (Clemson offering Bumphus),” Smith told The Clemson Insider. “Of course, he can’t see the college coaches when they come (during the spring evaluation period), but we certainly shared that Coach Brooks had been here and felt like they were going to offer him.

“He’s certainly excited to have Clemson as a possibility.”

Clemson’s offer marks the 14th for Bumphus in 2016. Vanderbilt and Kentucky offered in January, Louisville, Illinois, Georgia Southern, Oregon, Southern Cal, Auburn and Mississippi State offered in February, Penn State and Ole Miss offered in March, and Alabama and Florida offered in April.

Bumphus plays tight end, too, but Smith said that Brooks indicated Clemson is eyeing him as an edge rusher.

“He told me that they felt like they were fairly deep at tight end,” Smith said, “but defensive end, they lost a couple players to the draft and felt like they needed some help there, so that’s what they were looking at.”

Bumphus’ recorded 4.3 shuttle time evinces the notable speed and agility he has for his 6-foot-4, 235-pound figure. In addition to rushing the passer and catching passes, Bumphus has returned kickoffs and taken handoffs out of the backfield for the Tigers of Hardin County.

Smith said that Brooks likes the length and athleticism of Bumphus, as well as the high character he has as an individual.

“He’s an outstanding young man, first and foremost,” Smith said. “He affects other people in a positive way, he’s an extremely hard worker and brings that work ethic to our team. For our team, he helps to lead the way.”


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